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I find that a woman’s path through life always tells a unique story that needs to be told or read. Aggie’s story is nostalgic, thought-provoking, and most of all inspiring to women of all ages. Finding your voice in life can be a poetic and memorable moment.  Aggie’s found hers in a time when women were first recognizing their pathway to social and economic equality. Aggie’s voice helped define the free-thinking, determined women we see as business leaders, educators, and community servants of today.” 

—KERRY MISCAVAGE, Times Leader Media Group Publisher, Wilkes-Barre, PA

A Woman's Voice Should Be Heard

My Journey from the Convent to the Battle for Women's Equality

The author hopes this book will enrich the spirits to continue the fight for equality. The book shouts out to women how important their women friends are, how women mentors can be the springboard to success, and most of all, using their voices to be heard in facing their futures. Here’s hoping these stories encourage you to become visible in your journey by making sure your voice is heard.

This is Aggie's story of growing up in a staunch Irish Catholic family, attending 12 years of Catholic school, joining the convent at 17 years of age, teaching as a nun for 8 years and eventually becoming an entrepreneur.  This journey prepared her to continue the battle for women's equality. Your journey may be different. Whatever it has been, it influences who you are today and what you can accomplish when your voice is heard.


Her history can teach us how we might progress and win the battles that continue today. Women who work inside or outside the home, women entrepreneurs, and women raising children seek inspiration, hope, and encouragement.

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Available October 20, 2022

Paperback: $15.99  ISBN: 979-8-9867874-1-1

Hardback    $27.99   ISBN: 979-8-9867874-2-8

eBook          $5.99 - Kindle

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AGGIE JORDAN s the former founder and CEO of Jordan-DeLaurenti, Inc, a training and contract management company. Since selling this business, writing has been her life’s work. A  former small business columnist for the Dallas Times Herald, and Prime Women, an online magazine, and a writer for The View, the monthly magazine for the Sun City Shadow Hills Community in Indio, California. Aggie has produced over 60 articles for these publications. She is the author of The Marriage Plan: How to Marry your Soul Mate in One year or Less, and The Book of Robert, a biography of Robert DeLaurenti, a first-generation Italian immigrant. Aggie has enjoyed traveling with her husband to over 75 countries.

She has been a guest on many television shows, including the CBS Morning Show and  ABC Good Morning Dallas, as well as a number of radio broadcasts. A native of West Pittston, Pennsylvania, a former nun, a teacher, and a relationship counselor, Aggie hopes to inspire women to have their voices heard whenever, wherever, and by whoever challenges their rights to human equality.

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