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You are not too old!!

On Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2022, I will be 85 years old. I have just had my third book published by Legacy Book Press, A Woman's Voice Should Be Heard: My Journey from the Convent to the Battle for Women's Equality. What a joy it is to have one's writing validated by a traditional publisher at any age! If I didn't pursue this goal to seek a publisher and pursue the process, it wouldn't have happened.

The truth is there should be no limits we put on ourselves, Harvey Goldstein honors his age by pursuing his dream of painting portraits. He has painted over 100 portraits including 20 USA Presidents in black and white. Karen Adamik gathers 70 senior singers and produces choral concerts twice a year for audiences of hundreds of folks. Stacia Armstrong began painting at 70 and now has a painting in the office of an Executive Vice-President at a major studio in California. Dr, Ray Fay, a retired pediatric urologist, writes poetry. He has pursued the craft by taking courses both in person and online. He has taken his poetry and combined with his music, he has completed a Chinese musical. My husband, Robert DeLaurenti has pursued his photography in retirement and has had his photos in over 35 magazines and on many covers. Bob Puglisi has written four novels and recently with his wife, Anita published the memoir, Our Hollywood Tales. these seniors believe they are in the prime of their life.

So what about you my senior reader? What are you doing to demonstrate that your life can be enriched by fulfilling your dreams? Are you interested in photography? in painting? in poetry? in music? Perhaps you have been thinking of writing your memoir for your family history. When we write our memoirs, we are gifting present and future generations with information that will benefit them. Our history is part of the genes they inherited, the culture they were raised in. When we engage ourselves with a project that enriches our lives, we will be happier in retirement, and as we age. For some of us, we thought beginning a new career, or a new opportunity at the age of 50 was impossible. Thousands of people with years on their lives have begun much later. You can too. You are worth it.

If you have found a life engagement in your retirement years, please write and tell me at I'd love to hear your story.

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